Artist Marcio Carvalho, Portugal, Deutschland

Our WELT Not Your Brand

Berlin-Kreuzberg , vernissage January 16 | 18 uhr


The exhibition articulates both sculptural and graphic dimensions, presenting the recent development of Bruno Jamaicas work.

The work unite these two languages Sculpture and Drawing in a mode of spatial occupation that, behind a relatively conventional setting, playfully defies conventions. The main piece is a large scale sculpture, made of digital black and white prints and elastic bands stretched in situ, across the whole space of the exhibition room resulting in a progressive occupation of the space of the Hotel25 by the vision and the body of the artist. The drawings and an installation are metaphoric shapes thinking about another world is possible without global destructive brands. Our natural world is more important than your brands that make you the person that you are and by consequence make the world less Humane. This installation of Bruno Jamaica is the first work after his experience lived in the recent Klima forum`09 in Copenhagen.

Hotel25 is an international artist-in-residence program focus on creation, research and culture development, in which we give priority to young artists, with monetary difficulties, to construct their personal work. Our main gold is to help artists placing them in contexts where their work can be seen and criticized by people that are interested i their thematics, construction methods and forms. Hotel25 because the objective is to give special conditions for artists to create their work and for viewers to contemplate the same work.

Bruno Ricardo Lavos Marques was born in 1981, Leiria, Portugal. Lives between Berlin and London. After doing The Florence Trust Residency 2009 in Islington, London, he is now making the Hotel 25 Residency in kreuzberg, Berlin. He started The Modern Society series of sculptural drawings in London and now Our WELT Not Your Brand! Is a continuation of the same kind of reflection and thoughts.
Marcio Carvalho
0157 84 90 86 20
Wrangelstraße 25
Kreuzberg 10997 Berlin

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